Badger Pride Wall at Alumni Park
The Badger Pride Wall is especially spectacular at night, when the 80-foot-long artwork is backlit to show shadows of quintessentially UW–Madison symbols. Local artist Nate Koehler created the intricate design, which stands six feet tall at Alumni Park. In the wall, you’ll spot a flock of Bascom Hill flamingos, canes being flung into the Camp Randall endzone and, of course, Babcock Ice Cream, among many other Badger symbols. See the full wall and learn the histories of its many symbols at There’s an interactive map that allows you to click on each individual design to learn its story and significance. Photo: Taylor Wolfram
November 3, 2023
Flowers along Lakeshore Path
A tranquil walk awaits along Lakeshore Path, as the flowers are in full bloom and the trees provide cool shade. Photo: Colton Mansavage
June 22, 2023
Statue on Lake Mendota
Now inflatable, the statue on Lake Mendota has overcome acts of both man and nature since 1979. Photo: Colin Mansavage
January 23, 2023