A Mysterious Kingdom

From mushrooms to mildews, fungi form the webs of life. UW experts are working to expand our knowledge of these life forms.

Catalyst for Change

John Berry and his students have discovered a way to produce nitrogen and, in the process, harness energy without greenhouse gases. A patent and funding from the Department of Energy will power further work.

Practicing Democracy

If history has taught us anything about keeping democracy alive in the U.S., it’s the importance of staying involved and informed.

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Spring 2022 issue

Musical Playground

Mead Witter School of Music professor Dan Grabois explodes musical boundaries with EARS.

Profile Pic

Catalina Toma and her students take a deep dive into the dynamics of online relationships and the role of computer-mediated communication in our lives.

Positive Predictions

An anesthetic drug called ketamine shows promise as a treatment for depression.

Badger Network

For a Madison firm mapping the future of broadband access in rural places, L&S students and alumni are key to success.

Ready for Takeoff

The College of Letters & Science’s STEM Runway program helps students from underrepresented groups find their science path and thrive.

Listen to the Music

Black artists are in conversation across genres in the struggle for progress.

Service Minded

Cora Marrett (PhD, Sociology, ’68) reflects on a distinguished career in science and public service.

Trail Blazer

Nancy Borghesi (BA, Economics, ’69) forged her own path as a woman in business — and wants to help students do the same.

How does life begin?

PhD student Lena Vincent pursues the biggest question in her research on the chemical origins of life.

The Ubuntu Approach

The African concept of “ubuntu” informs senior Sheriff Issaka’s approach to research and outreach.

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